Lisa “Leace” Taylor
Peyton is his name, extreme talent is his game. I had a huge hideous black star inked on my arm to match my mean ex-husband's arm. Ya know, love? Also known as Stupidity, right? I hated it. My before pic is on my old phone. This pic shows a glimpse of the absolutely perfect, gorgeous, colorful sunflower that completely covers it. Not one person can tell it's a cover up. I have another appointment with him tomorrow to cover another mistake. Remind me to share it!
Joey Presley
This shop has a laid back and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was very polite. Gordy did my work, and I'm very pleased with the results.
Lexi Cable
I don't know the type of tattoo aside from American traditional. I got a wonderfully hilarious chubby and awesome frog tattoo done by Gordy. Everyone was super friendly and easy going I would totally go back and get more ink done.
Brittany Jinks
Shane Modica did my face tattoo, and I am very pleased with it. The place is very nice, and everyone was friendly. I plan on going there again in the future, and I highly recommend this shop to everyone!
Caya Russell Snethen
Shane was very professional and did an amazing job of creating the tattoo I wanted.
Leanne Sudduth
Shane Tyner does great work!!! And he’s a really nice guy. 😊
Curtis L.
Wife and I have had a lot of work done here. Chris is a master craftsman and a super cool dude. Great vibe to the place. Everything is clean and everyone there is welcoming and caters to how you want your ink done. Highest recommendation.
Emery J.
Ben Rounds is the man to go too! Fast tattoo work, quality, and good prices! I got a full chest piece done in a little over 8 hours. The shop is very nice and all the other artists have something to offer as well... but Ben is the guy. Trust